Hello world!

With me being no exception, would like to take a plunge into this world of blogs with the Hello-world!  topic. Have been thinking of having one from a couple of years;),  but here I am. I have been reading many a blogs(basically, Technical!! and msdn blogs most of the time..) and i’m very much excited about it.

This is great medium to share your thoughts, knowledge(acquire rather:-D), emotions and yes CONNECTING PEOPLE is one more reason. This is a great place to know how, what and why to write for a living web.

Well, I introduce myself as Shabari. E, born and brought up in Bangalore, a full time employee, as well as a full time graduate student:-). I live with my parents and currently single. This blog is mainly intended towards the former aspect, where I intend to share info regarding the thing on which I work daily, but I shall post about other musings as well!!.

I work on a Microsoft product known as Visual Studio team System, which offers an integrated approach to Apllication Life-cycle Management (ALM). Via, this blog, I shall share information relating to the world of VSTS and some personal dramas as well. Looking forward to this great journey..


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Hey Shabari!
    Waitin to get more info about VSTS and also the musings n the personal dramas u mentioned 🙂


  2. shabarie Says:

    Hey Cheryl, as promised, i wud start a series about it very soon;-)

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