All this while..

Ya the first Hello world! post was when I was overwhelmed with the idea of having my own blog, I got really excited and I would do this, I would write about the problems gripping the society, the Green House effect blah blah blah, but co-incidentally this is just my second post here!!!… Well, well well isn’t it very typical of Shabari(thats me;-)), but it ain’t the case this time though.. Everybody would have seen many a cases like mine, every now and then.. What was i upto all these days???

I think from the last post to now, a lot of things have been shaping up and loads of travels involved me… First things first, I would be completing my General MBA from IUP, USA tomorrow. Yes it was hard. Hard running from home to college, meeting a bunch of Gen Y( as per the definition, I am both a Gen X & Y candidate!!), attending the lectures, running to office and then my day would start!! A couple of team meetings, Stand-Up meetings, Status meetings, a few client calls, frequent visits to client locations and then go back home, study for sometime(an exception though) and then retire to sleep(at around 1AM) and then get up again at 7AM. This was my schedule for the last 14 months, but somewhere back of my mind I knew i had a blog which would contain many interesting readings, findings about VSTS, my experiences and my travel musings and there would people desperatley waiting for my posts!!!!!!

Was thinking what would make a second posting here? So here am I, promising again to do what I intended to do.

All this while..


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