Don’t get confused with the recent blasts and terrorist attacks at Mumbai’, with my subject name,  but by any strech of imagination I condemn the activities carried out by the terrorist elements and my condolences to the victims, especially the cops who sacrified their lives and the hotel staffs who saved many foreigners in the hostage crisis at the Taj.

Meanwhile the subject Blast, literally, referred to the blogs that I would soon be posting here, thanks again, to my university IUP, USA, for providing an oppurtunity to encourage and post your analysis on various subjects like the Corporate communication, Media relationships, Communication Technologies, Internal Communications within an organization, twenty first century trends and many more interesting topics. The best thing about this idea, is to encourage every students aspiring to become managers in real world to take to the idea of blogging and show the relevance of blogging which is a 21st century trend or technology to put it right.

In my endeavor to do this, I am giving my 101% for this, as am back to the thing which I liked the most, BLOGGING.


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