21st Century trends

As the name defines, the 21st century is one of the important era in the history of the mankind for reasons known to anybody and everybody. This century is a century where world shrinked and came to be known as Global village where people and process were no longer restricted to confined and particular geographical location, rather the world looked as a small place where people were connected to their friends, families and relatives via various technologies be it the telephones, mobile phones, Internet and many more ways. For this century represented changes in anything and everything.

One such change in the mindset and attitude of human beings is the subject that is going to be discussed in this blog (one more by-product of Internet!). In this century, the trend that we are referring to is basically the paradigm shift in the mindset of aspiring students, professionals towards their work or place of work. Who wouldn’t be interested in working in the state-of-the-art institutions or organizations getting a handful of salaries and working with the best of the breed peers, but of late we are seeing that these are no more a criteria for selecting one’s job place. The new generation is no more running money or the brand image that a particular organization has as the main factors rather this generation is willing to work with aspiring companies, upcoming companies or even choose a smaller companies as their choice, which over the time proves excellent for their career. What has brought about this change amongst this generation is what you would be thinking about?.

The reasons are various and are logical. Think about this and probably you yourself could figure it out. This can be best illustrated with an example. Infosys is one example that comes to my mind every time that I think about this trend. In 1981, came together a bunch of college mates who had a vision which was different from the rest and they struggled all their way and created a brand called Infosys. The company had its shares of challenges and had difficult times in their endeavor in establishing Infosys. Infosys now is the one of the biggest software service provider in Asia. They have many dubious records to add to their quiver. In the 1990’s though, Infosys was just another company. Infosys used the strategy of acquiring bright intellectuals from the colleges and universities through campus placements. Not many dared to do the thing, that majority would, even still, regret of having not joined this organization. The very few who dared to join Infosys were a were not a bunch of mediocre students but few top of the crème who understood what Infosys could provide to them, as it was their at stake. And the end result of this is that today Infosys has more than 100,000 people working at their state-of-the-art campuses not only in India, but throughout the globe and thereby creating the brand Infosys. Today any parents would say with pride that their son’s or daughter’s are working at Infosys. You could say to anybody that you are an Infosian, such is the respect commanded by Infosys.

Infosys is just an example where certain thinking and decision not only changes the people working in that organization, but also creates brand image, the organization itself, where there is win-win situation for everybody. This applies to me as well, as I am not always for the bigger organizations, but rather I always look for companies which have vision, a defined objective and goals, where I am ready to even sacrifice few rupees at the cost of growth. This is the sacrifice that I make to become a complete man.


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