Changing Environment of Business

Change is one word which the world has continuously witnessing. This change could be good to some, but be bad for someone else. Everything change, the human beings, their dressing sense, their behavior at times, the nature, the climate, the technology, the process and thus the business. Thus the challenge is here is how to continue when things are really changing? This question remains a bigger challenges for organizations and companies more specifically as they have not only to survive, but rather keep increasing their profits, their margins, their business overall. The business environment is constantly changing.

Everyone today be it small or big located in different geographical location, wants to make a mark on the global map and thereby expand their business. The challenges here are more in addition. Thus it becomes important not only to study the business but also to study these challenges in advance and also to overcome them at the earliest. This is the toughest part which McDonalds experienced when it came to India.

McDonalds could have been a brand at US or elsewhere in the world, but for it occupy the market was always difficult as burgers and several other items were not a household items in India. People here are used to food items like Idli’s, dosa’s, roti’s and so on and then you have burgers!! One cannot come to terms with burgers, but McDonalds didn’t run away from India. Infact they are on expanding spree and are opening many franchisees throughout India, of late. McDonalds have taken up this challenge of addressing the change in the Indian environment and have adapted themselves as per this environment, which is the key to their success throughout the globe. Thus the way the organizations adapt and modify their behavior will determine the success of their business.


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