Communicating Strategically

In the last five decades or so, there has been a tremendous change in the way the business has run and thereby the business environments have consistently changing. These changes can make or break the company’s fate. If any company cannot adapt itself to the changing environment, it can cease to exist. How is this situation going to be handled? What is the solution or approach taken by a company to this change? What constitutes this change? Is it a geographical phenomenon? If so, how do you overcome these hurdles?

Strategic communication has become a prerequisite of effective communication process. Whether an organization is trying to boost its reputation through corporate advertising, to communicate effectively with employees about the incentives it would offer, to convince shareholders that the company is worth of investing capital, to persuade its customers to buy its products and be loyal to the company, communicating strategically is very important.
Add to this situation the power of media, the different new mediums and technologies through which most of the communication takes place. How are things going to be communicated amongst people and moreover, the right information? The question list can be endless, but companies need to come out with a solution to address not only the changing business environment but also communicate them correctly.

Similar was the position of MindTree consultancy when it started in the late nineties. MindTree consultancy was just another organization that provided software service as a consulting activity to its clients in India. Now the bigger challenge for MindTree consultancy firm was not to establish in India, but to communicate strategically to the whole world that it had the best of the breed at its disposal, that’s when they devised a strategy where they put to use its resources, spread the word of mouth about its Indian method of work, their truly modest principle work culture and thereby enhancing the company’s reputation. Once this was achieved, MindTree never had to look back.


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