Communication Technologies

Communication technologies play an important role in acting as the medium of communication. Communication technologies enable the users of information to understand the processes and practices effectively. In the constantly changing business environment, modern and more effective communication technologies have evolved in the market place. In the past, communications technologies such as phone, fax, telegram were extensively used because the information handled by the corporations were limited. With the emergence of globalization and creation of more number of multinational corporations, a wide array of communication technologies have evolved to support business practices, processes and programs.

Many corporations have constructed a corporate intranet to enable the employees and the managers to share information within the company. These corporate intranets provide sufficient information to the employees with respect to the work methods, policies and programs. The internet has also enabled employees and managers of corporations to work at their homes and report necessary information on projects to their clients. It also helped the workforce at the corporations to access necessary information related to their work from all corners of the world. It has also ensured effective communication process through emails.

In addition to the above communication technologies, corporations have also installed wireless networking technologies to ensure that the employees can obtain any information required from their superiors or senior managers of the corporation.Google has incorporated high transparency in its intranet network. Through the Google intranet, the employees at Google can see their colleagues work performance and accomplish collaborative work methods at the workplace.


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