Corporate Advertising

The word advertising, rather, advertisement or ads was one subject which would always get me thinking in my childhood days. I always used to ask my father why one would advertise their products on TV’s to which he would explain few facts, which I never used to understand, but I started loving them.Come to think of it now, it’s such a huge concept that can increase the sales revenue for a company or it can build the image of an company or a product or it could just be another place for awareness.

Corporate advertising can be defined as the use of media, at an expense, that would conjure up the image of a corporation as a whole rather than its products or services. This is not the same as a product advertising, where more emphasis is given on the flagship product that a company owns and the uniqueness that it has to offer. Paid corporate advertising is the easiest and fastest way that a company can communicate its identity to its constituencies. Corporate advertising should be strategic with respect to future growth of the company and consistent with respect to company’s vision. Both product and corporate advertising should reflect an unified strategy. Corporate advertising is the responsibility of the company’s corporate communication area whereas product advertising is the responsibility of the company’s marketing departments .Corporate advertising should present a clear identity for the organization based on a vigilant assessment of its overall communication strategy.

The Tata brand as such is one organization, which has wide range of products & services such as group of hotels they run, different businesses, software service that they provide, manufacturing cars, trucks and buses and many more. Even though the product from them are always unique, the emphasis is more on the brand Tata, and not otherwise. By doing this, Tata always communicates their messages to a wide range of audience in a quick and efficient manner and thereby improving their overall financial situation.


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