Corporate Communication Relevance

Corporate communications can be defined as a communication process that takes place within the organisation as well as between the organization and its constituencies. The subject of corporate communications has become extremely important for organizations to hold a strong corporate culture and value system. Corporate communications have also enabled organizations to reveal their corporate identity to their stakeholders and create an everlasting reputation in the minds of their constituencies.

Today, corporate communication department in an organization plays a very important role in performing a wide array of functions. Effective corporate communications is possible only when the internal communication process is built. Corporate communication also enables organizations to have understanding relationship with the media who acts as an liaison between the company and the public in reporting public information about the company. Nowadays, many media relation agencies possess professional expertise to handle media relation functions on behalf of their clients.

Since its inception, Canarys Automations Ltd, a software company in Bangalore had entrusted the responsibility of corporate communications function to its human resource department. As the workforce increased over the years, the human resource department was facing information and work overload. The executive vice president of human resources therefore, transferred some of the senior human resource executives by creating a corporate communication department which now looks after the functions of internal communications, media relations and crisis management. The human resource department looks after the functions of payroll, labor relations, employee recruitment and selection, performance appraisal and manpower planning


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