Crisis Communication

Crisis is one word which can describe what the world will head to in the near future, not that there is terrorism everywhere and blasts here and there, but because global warming is something which proves that there is nobody or no thing that is bigger than the Mother Nature itself. But this is not the subject of debate or discussion here; rather it could spell doom for an organization if they don’t involve this as an important part of their communication.

Basically the word crisis has its roots from the Greek which meant to decide. As it says decision making thus becomes the important aspect of any organization or person today, thus emphasizing on the leadership and decision making and also this crisis communication at crucial times can dictate the fate of the company if not handled with delicacy and wisdom.

Crisis communication, put short, is the situation of an organization when things have gone wrong for them knowingly or unknowingly and how they either react or proactively handle this situation. One such incident that I always can remember for my life is when we read in the newspaper that there were unacceptable level of pesticides found in coca cola and Pepsi that had become a part of my daily intake.

At colleges, at the road side, at home and everywhere coke, as fondly known, would be at my arms length and then I read that Coke is no more safe to drink!. This came as a rude shock to me and I could see this everywhere, but I saw that rivals like Coca Cola and Pepsi came together for the first time and stood united in the claim that was made at them. This was something that not many could have even heard of. Every day I saw in newspaper and television channels the various facts given by these companies that the allegations made by one of the research center was baseless and that the company did stick to the world standard.

In the hindsight, when I hear or think of the word crisis communication, I always think of Pepsi-Coke coming together in handling such a tough situation, otherwise these companies would have ceased to exist in India.


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