Identity, Image and Reputation

A company’s identity is the visual manifestation of the company’s reality as conveyed through organization’s name, logo, motto, products, services, buildings, stationery, uniforms, and all other tangible pieces of evidence created by the organization and communicated to a variety of constituencies.

An organization’s image is the function of how constituencies perceive the organization based upon all the messages it sends through names and logos, and through self presentations including expressions of its corporate vision. While image can vary among constituencies ,identity needs to be consistent. With increasing globalization and management of limited resources by companies, the products have become homogenized leaving image and identity as powerful differentiators.

An effective corporate identity includes an inspirational corporate vision, careful corporate branding with respect to names and logos and consistent self presentation. Many organizations manage their identity process through a sequence of steps such as conduction of identity audit, setting up identity objectives, development of designs/names / prototypes through the use of outside consultants or designers, launch and communication of the new identity and finally, dealing with the implementation of the identity program.

The best company that I can think about when speaking about image or identity or reputation is Bajaj auto limited. Everybody who has grown up in India would sometimes in his life hum about the tunes of Bajaj ads, for Bajaj would always score on Indianess. Bajaj would portray their products as by the Indian & for the Indian, which scored heavily amongst the India middle class. This was more than enough for the public as Baja became to be known as a symbol of an Indian.


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