Internal Communication

Internal communication in the 21st century is meant as creating a corporate culture which acts as an effective mechanism in driving the organizational change rather than merely concentrating on memos, circulars, video conferencing and other types of internal communication channels.

For years customers or clients were the main focus of importance of managers, but things are no more the same, for internal communication plays an important equally in any organization. Recognition to their employees has yielded them the success where an organization puts major emphasis on maintaining a good relationship with the employees and treats them as the company asset, thereby increasing the employees trust in the organization they work.

Now managers make sure they know whom they are working with and treat them as equally important asses of the company. This proves to be fatal, as this could win the heart of the people and thereby win their trust and make them feel they are indispensable, which increases the overall productivity of an organization. This is what I call typical Win-Win situation, where a company gains a lot from its employees and also an employee reaping benefits from the organization that he works with, for the hard work that he has put in.

Many a times it so happened that people working in Vodafone would not understand their relevance and importance not that they were unaware of themselves, but rather the way this company put it across them. The management realized this the crude way, when their overall productivity decreased. The management tried to figure out where the company had gone wrong. The research work by the management to figure revealed that a lot of work was to be done on the gaining the employees confidence, which effectively was carried out with more and more Internal communication taking place and employees seeing from their own eye that major emphasis was on them and this did the trick for Vodafone.


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