Media Relationships

One of the most important invention of the mankind has been printing. Just come to think about it and you would realize what it really means. For their would have been no print, there would been no knowledge base, no facts recorded, no documentation of your country, your culture, and the human mankind, such is the power possessed by this invention.

With respect to companies, media is relatively a new term, that the media becomes an important source of communication where many entities involved, like the investors, suppliers, retailers, and consumers would get source of information about a particular company, organization or institution. As such this could again can make or break a company for, if there is a false information about your company which is portrayed in the media, you are finished, and people would no longer would be interested in buying anything from your company or any of the products manufactured by your company.

With the advent of televisions, you can see the impact that the media can have on your organization.Thus more and more onus is on the companies maintaining a good relationship with the media and thereby wiping out any negative news on their companies name or image. Various methodologies and technologies have been devised companies over time to maintain this relationship and thereby carry a good name amongst everybody, which is really a tough job on hand.

One such company that has always maintained this media relationship is TCS. Tata Consultancy Service is the India’s largest software service provider where over 100,000 people are working. During the disaster, almost all the companies started this policy of firing people as and when they wished, but this was not the case to be with TCS. In spite of the tough times, TCS openly came out and told in the public that it did not accept this idea and that it would not go on firing its employees, which won the hearts of many Indians. Even now I keep hearing people talking about this incident and this goes to show the impact that the media plays in the world.


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